Do You Know What Turning Boards Are ?


A turning board is a slim and rectangular object of about 28 cm, placed under the foot and used as a training tool for turns in ballet, turning sports such as gymnastics and ice-skating etc.  The idea behind the use of turning boards is a simple one,it is of the idea that  if a student of each of the mentioned above sports is unable to perform a pirouette,  turning boards can help in mastering the act.

It works on the basic principle of lowering friction so as to reduce the difficulty of spinning.Itis also called a ”ballet board”.



Some dancers are natural turners, just like some persons have different abilities like high jumps, the ability to extend their legs more than others etc. Skillfulturners on the other hand,areexcellent at pirouettes and can easily turn and floatcontinuously with ease.An accurate rhythmallows them to keep  on turning.Skilled turners can balance between being pulled up,elevating to the end of a pirouette and doingthe actual spinin a graceful manner.

Dancers that are notnatural turnersand those who have not yet mastered their pirouettesneed to work on their momentum, confidence, spotting,balance, posture, musclememory as well as the natural sense of turning which all fantastic ballerinaspossess .

The development of enough forces and momentum to turnaround continuously requires constant practice  as well as developing anaccurate rhythm of spotting.


The Answer

Non-turners who want to learndanceturns can achieve this with the aid of a turning board. It helps in developing a consistentgreat spot, turning instinct, a stronger core balance and rhythm that all the great turners possess, by making spinning easier.

One of the great things about the turning board is its portability. It is also relatively easy to use. The frictionless surface of the turn board and its minimalfriction contact with the floor makes turning literally effortless.

With turning boards, you can establish more confidence in ‘turns’.


The Problem

Teachers always express caution towards the use of turn boards by natural turners. Natural turners who have a great head spot already and are unable to turn perfectly are simply  lacking in technique. The use of turn boards by such students may not yield a positive and desirable result. Natural turners should not waste their precious time using turning boards but rather they should focus on learning turning techniques .


The Essence Of Turning Boards

A turning board is a great tool for students who are truly ready to learn the act of turning and have not yet developed the rhythmic ‘spot’. It makes training sessions invaluable and as such makes it a proper use of money.

Regular use of turn boards has been proven to increase confidence in turns and teach control over multiple turns and increasingly perform more difficult moves overtime.

Turning boards are very important in all turning sports because only a little number of individuals are natural turners.