Are Turning Boards Necessary? Simple Reasons Why Budding Dancers Must Use Turning Boards

Turning boards have become a great tool in the ballet industry. Ballet dancers, from children to adult students, always use the best tools available to them today and it seems the turning boards are such tool. However, many aren’t too sure whether or not these boards are necessary and opt to practice without them. I suppose it’s down to personal choice but why put extra strain on your body when you could utilize the best tools available? If you aren’t convinced, read on and find out a few reasons why dancers must look at turning boards.

The Best Dancers Use Them

You’re a budding ballet dancer but you think using a ballet board is beneath you – think again! Ballet boards are one of the most versatile and necessary tools for any dancer today. These are going to assist you in finding a balance and practicing spins and turns before moving onto real-life floor practices. You can easily get used to spinning with the boards and do so with confidence which is what every dancer requires. However, it’s also important to think about how many great dancers in the ballet industry have come and gone and who have used these turn boards. There have been many and they all find them extremely useful to say the least.

Learning to Turn Correctly Is Important In Ballet

Have you ever thought about how ballet dancers spin on the tips of their toes so fast? It takes a lot of learning, skill and practice but for most, they have used simple assists such as a turn board. Now, you might not be convinced turn boards are useful or necessary but they can actually offer dancers so much. Learning to spin correctly is not only necessary for ballet performers but important. How can you pull off a professional spin in front of an audience when you struggle in practice? Adding a turn board into your daily routine can ensure your feet and balance, find its balance and are able to perform as they should.

An Easier Learning Tool

Most people believe learning how to complete a ballet spin is incredibly easy but in reality it’s not. You have to have perfect balance and poise to pull off such a move and if one little thing is off, the entire spin doesn’t go right. However, with turning boards, all that changes. You’ll find it’s much easier to understand and learn ballet spins and it’s kinder on the feet too. Anyone who wants to learn how to spin must use turn boards. They are super versatile and gentler on the body too. This is an important fact to remember when learning ballet.

You Need a Turn Board

Budding dancers are going to practice turns and spins a great deal and every turn practiced puts pressure on the toes and tops of the feet. You’re using a hard surface so of course your feet will see some injuries but those injuries can be bad for your dancing career, whether you’re a professional, semi or wannabe. A ballet board will help you so much and it will keep those injuries away from your toes too.